iShare Logger - Classic


iShare Logger enables citizens to locate on a map and report broken street lamps, abandoned cars, fly tipping, graffiti etc. and insert these reports into a CRM or other workflow. It also enables iShare data and mapping functionality to be made available for easier fault reporting in a call centre. Logger can also be deployed in public consultations as a means of gathering feedback on proposals.

Logger integrates with e-forms on council websites and uses iShare's mapping and location capabilities to make it easy for citizens to locate a broken street light or any other incident precisely on a map. Logger can integrate with most CRM systems used by call centres. This integration is performed using Web Services and XML transformations to transform the data between the format required by the iShare Web Service and that required by the integrating application.

You can link directly to your existing e-Forms optionally passing the Easting and Northing co-ordinates together with an asset id, of say a street light, if required.

CRM Integration

If you have a CRM which can integrate with the Data Share web service then you can create a Case for each fault if required. This will enable the following scenario:

  • A user chooses to use a map
  • User locates asset/fault e.g. broken street light
  • Press Next to pass to e-form
    • Assets identifier
    • Easting / Northing
  • Once the e-form is verified a Case is created in the CRM for the fault
  • The CRM calls the Data Share CreateFaultReport web service with a Type, Description, Easting and Northing which will create an icon for the fault at the correct location. This will let people know that the fault has been reported so that you do not get the same fault reported many times
  • The fault is fixed
  • The CRM calls the Data Share ArchiveFaultReportUniqueId web service, the fault is actually archived and the icon is removed from the map.