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Blank BaseMap

Numerous iShare users have expressed an interest in a ‘blank base map’, particularly for use with iShare GIS and printing. This allows the end user to easily focus on the data and layers displayed via iShare GIS and iShare. A particularly nice feature of this map base is the ability to change the colour of the the ‘blank base’. To change the background colour of the Blank base please refer to Change the ADS Blank BaseMap Colour.

Blank BaseMap

Aerial Photography

Surrey Aerial 2006

Historic Map Data

ADS hosts two wonderful 'licence free' historical base maps covering the Surrey area, created from source data courtesy of James Rutter at Surrey Heath Borough Council which is now out of copyright.

Colonel Mudge 1819 survey

John Rocque 1767 survey

OS Data Delivery

For iShare in the Cloud (ISiC) Customers the following datasets are typically loaded into either the local iShareData database or the Astun Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW). Please click on the links below to see the Metadata information displaying the latest update dates for each dataset - select Display Mode Full View and the Identification tab.

Syndicated OpenData Services

Syndicated OpenData Services include national coverage of the following data:


OpenData feeds are syndicated (cached and pre-processed on Astun servers) and served as an Open Geospatial Consortium Web Feature Services (OGC WFS)

NHS Choices

NHS Choices provides public access to health service related information via the web. This includes name, address, postcode, location and URL information for individual services (pharmacies, opticians, hospitals, doctors and dentists). Furthermore the URLs returned from NHS Choices link to a host of additional information, for example, contact information and opening times.

The Astun Data Services (ADS) NHS Choices Downloader essentially acts as a central repository for the NHS Choices data for England. This links seamlessly with the iShare platform allowing NHS service information to be displayed on map layers.

Neighbourhood Crime

The Police UK provide public access to information about neighbourhood areas in all 43 English & Welsh police forces. All forces are required to keep this data accurate and up to date. Astun Data Services [ADS] provide a Police Downloader in the form of a WFS connection for you to download this information.

GIAS / EduBase

There a new service from GOV.UK called Get information about schools (GIAS), which replaces the EduBase service for educational professionals in England. The service supplies a register of educational establishments in England and Wales, maintained by the Department for Education. It provides information on establishments providing compulsory, higher and further education.

The Astun Data Services (ADS) GIAS / EduBase Downloader essentially acts as a central repository for the Educational establishments data for England & Wales and, as the structure of the data has not changed, neither has this service.. This links seamlessly with the iShare platform allowing educational information to be displayed on map layers.

OS Datasets

National coverage of County, District, Ward and Electoral Division boundaries are automatically configured for iShare in the Cloud customers. On-premise customers may ask their Astun Consultant if they require these datasets. Other OS datasets including MasterMap and AddressBase Premium are also available on request.

OS Open Names

OS Open Names is a comprehensive list of Great Britain’s place names, road names and numbers and postcodes combined into one product, increasing search flexibility. It has been designed for multipurpose use – for easy integration into business data warehouses, containing features that enhance the user’s experience in mobile and web mapping applications. The postcodes can be used by creators of route-planning applications as a start or end point.

Astun Data Services (ADS) host the OS Open Names data and supply a Search Web Service which may be used in QGIS or custom applications.

Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery

Astun Data Services are hosted within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) on Amazon Web Services.  

A regular backup copy at each data refresh or software update cycle is replicated to a further instance located within a different geographic region for disaster recovery.